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Discuss Backup Child Care Options With Your ... - Single Parents
Do you have backup child care plans in place? At some point your child is going to become ill and need your attention during a time that conflicts with your ...
How to Find Childcare as a Single Mom or Dad - Single Parents
Backup Childcare. Finally, once you've decided how to find childcare for your kids, you should also make backup childcare arrangements . This will help you get ...
Backup Providers - Child Care Solutions for Single Parents
Need a backup chid care provider in an emergency? Try one of these 10 dependable, go-to solutions the next time you're in a pinch.
Finding Backup Child Care - About.com
Begin by gathering facts. Find out what the policies are at work for sick children and whether their is any corporate backup childcare plan or sick child care option  ...
Backup and Special Occasion Child Care - About.com
1 Subcategories in Backup and Special Occasion Child Care. Backup Child Care (4) ... How to Find Childcare Outside of Working Hours · While jobs are ...
When Your Child Care Provider Can't Work - About.com
All parents of small children should have a back-up plan for childcare but chances are ... Backup and Special Occasion Child Care · Finding Backup Child Care ...
Finding Backup Child Care - About.com
Most working parents have at some time experienced panic and high stress from needing backup child care at the last minute. The reasons for needing backup ...
Plan Ahead for Your Kids' Sick Days - Single Parents - About.com
More: Discuss Emergency Childcare With Your Employer. Make sure that your child's ... More: Ten Backup Providers for Single Parents. Ads. &ensp. &ensp.
Child Care - Pros and Cons of the Five Choices - Working Moms
Same minuses as a nanny: nobody supervises the au pair while you're at work, limited socialization, and you need backup care when she's sick. An au pair must  ...
Interview a Babysitter - Questions to Ask - Single Parents - About.com
... Emergency Childcare Solutions · Backup Childcare Options · Book Review of Staying Home ... 10 Backup Child Care Providers for Unplanned Emergencies.
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