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Backup Providers - Child Care Solutions for Single Parents
Need a backup chid care provider in an emergency? Try one of these 10 dependable, go-to solutions the next time you're in a pinch.
Discuss Backup Child Care Options With Your ... - Single Parents
Do you have backup child care plans in place? At some point your child is going to become ill and need your attention during a time that conflicts with your ...
Find Emergency Child Care Solutions - Single Parents - About.com
Emergency child care is a problem every single parent faces at one time or another. Find out ... 10 Backup Child Care Providers for Unplanned Emergencies .
Finding Backup Child Care - About.com
... your child care provider can't work? Or your child is too sick for child care and you can't stay home? Develop a Plan B child care backup plan for peace of mind.
When Your Child Care Provider Can't Work - About.com
All parents of small children should have a back-up plan for childcare but chances are you don't think about that plan until the crisis hits. Taking time to develop a ...
Finding Backup Child Care - About.com
Most working parents have at some time experienced panic and high stress from needing backup child care at the last minute. The reasons for needing backup ...
How Working Moms Find Emergency Child Care
(Often with another set of back-up plans.) Emergency child care certainly falls into that category. Whether it's a sick child or a sick nanny, a school power outage ...
Backup and Special Occasion Child Care - About.com
Backup and Special Occasion Child Care. What working parent hasn't at some time encountered a sick caregiver on the very day there is a critical meeting at ...
Finding Child Care When You Don't Work 9 to 5 - About.com
Very few child care businesses operate on weekends and evenings. So, what are ... Go to Work, Mom!" Discuss Backup Child Care Options With Your Employer ...
Child Care - Pros and Cons of the Five Choices - Working Moms
Let's run down the pluses and minuses of the five primary child care choices. ... When your child is sick, you'll need to arrange backup care. Your child will have ...
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