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Babysitter Rates - Child Care - About.com
While there are some teens today who will babysit for $3 an hour, most parents today have higher expectations that come with someone watching their children,  ...
Babysitting Pros and Cons - Job Ideas for Kids - Kids & Money
Babysitting jobs for kids! Pros and cons of a babysitting job and what your child can learn about money management if they are considering a babysitting job.
How to Find Babysitting Jobs - Kids & Money - About.com
If your child has decided that a babysitting job is the perfect match, it's time to find a family to babysit for. Here are some helpful resources to help your child find a ...
Babysitting Flyers - Kids & Money - About.com
Trustworthy, reliable, and helpful babysitters are always in demand and babysitting is a great way for pre-teens and teens to make money. With your parents' ...
Information on How to Start Babysitting - Kids & Money - About.com
All about how to start babysitting jobs for kids. Helpful information on babysitting jobs and finding a babysitting job.
Finding A Babysitter in New York City
If you're traveling to New York City with your children, you might want to hire a babysitter. Whether to have an adults-only night out, attend meetings or you just to ...
Babysitting Rates - Kids & Money - About.com
How much should a good babysitter charge? When starting a babysitting business, it's important to set a fair standard value for your services, and be upfront ...
Age to Start Babysitting - Kids & Money - About.com
At what age can kids start babysitting? Is there a minimum age for babysitting?
Babysitting Jobs - Job Searching - About.com
Interested in finding a babysitting job? Babysitting jobs are available on both a full-time and a part-time basis. Part-time babysitting jobs can include flexible ...
Babysitting Tips - Kids & Money - About.com
Babysitting is a great way for pre-teens and teens to make money. Trustworthy and reliable babysitters are always in demand. Here are nine babysitting tips that  ...
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