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Free Budget Calculator for Single Parents

Use This Budget Calculator to Create a Monthly Spending Budget

Fill in each space below with your income and expenses. If a specific category doesn't apply to you, leave it blank. When you're finished filling in each category, click on the word "Calculate." You'll then see a number appear next to the word "Results." A negative number indicates that your expenses are more than your income. A positive number indicates the amount of money left over at the end of the month.

Child Support/Alimony/Other:
Child Support/Alimony:
Housing (rent/mortgage):
Transportation (car loan/gas/maintenance):
Day Care/Babysitting:
Debt Repayment (school loans/credit cards):
Medical Bills (include copays):
Food (groceries/lunches/eating out):
Utilities (gas/electric/water/garbage):
Insurance (car/medical/life/property):
Telephone (land line and cell phones):
Cable/Satellite Dish and Internet Service Provider:
Personal Care (hair cuts/dry cleaning):
Emergency Fund Savings:
General Savings (toward a house/vacation/other goal):
Retirement Savings:
College Savings:
Giving/Charitable Donations:
Miscellaneous/Spending Money:

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