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Jennifer Wolf

Thanksgiving Activities That Teach Gratitude and Appreciation

By November 18, 2012

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Besides watching football, does your family have any favorite Thanksgiving Day games, activities, or traditions? We always like to go around the table and share one thing we're thankful for. Here are some variations on that idea if you're looking for something new to try:

Kids around a thanksgiving turkey.

  • Spell out the word T-H-A-N-K-F-U-L. Then go around the table and ask each person to say one thing they're thankful for. The first person's answer must begin with "T." The second person's answer must begin with "H," and so on.

  • Another variation on this game is to go through the alphabet and use every letter to name something you're thankful for. The first person might say "I'm thankful for apple pie!" The second person might say "I'm thankful for my brother," and so on.

  • Still another variation is to spell out the name of the person sitting next to you, and say one thing you are thankful for about that person for each letter of their name. For example, if you're sitting next to your daughter Nicki, you might say, "I'm thankful that she's nice, imaginative, courageous, kind, and illuminates the room with her smile!"

You can see how these fun games can inspire a lot of creativity and help kids think "outside the box" about gratitude. For more ideas about teaching gratitude on a regular basis, read Habits That Teach Gratitude and Appreciation.

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