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Jennifer Wolf

Octomom, Nadya Suleman, Fires the Group of Nurses Hired to Care for Her Children

By March 24, 2009

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Less than two weeks after signing an agreement to allow Angels in Waiting to provide care for all 14 of her children, Octomom Nadya Suleman has now fired the group of around-the-clock nurses.

At this point, four of Suleman's babies have come home from the hospital, and the time frame for releasing the remaining four is unclear.


According to The Chicago Tribune, Suleman dismissed the nurses because of a complaint a member of the group filed against her with California's Child Protective Services.

Clearly there was some ongoing tension between Suleman and the organization, whose legal representative, Gloria Allred, had already filed at least one complaint with Child Protective Services before the agreement between Suleman and Angels in Waiting was formally established.

Jennifer's Perspective:

I believe this decision will reflect poorly on Suleman in the long run. I mean, as an outside observer, I can imagine that Suleman might have had some mixed feelings about allowing the group to essentially take over the management of her household and the care of her children. (No matter how much we need help at various times in our lives, accepting it is humbling.) But let's say, for a moment, that she had valid reasons for being irritated. The bottom line is that unless the children were somehow in danger (which I doubt), Child Protective Services will expect her to have been able to put those issues aside for the sake of her kids--who were intended to benefit from that army of well-trained caregivers. What do you think? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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March 25, 2009 at 11:25 am
(1) Donna says:

This is only another publicity ploy – - we all need to BOYCOTT anyone (Dr Phil especially) and everyone that aids this crazy woman – - – the only thing I want to hear is that the children (all 14) have been removed from the home and placed for adoption and she no longer has a way to get welfare that we all pay for!

March 25, 2009 at 2:17 pm
(2) Miss Anne Thropic says:

It looks to me like Nadya is flirting with the cameraman from Radar online. She did that black and white truth or dare style video with him while lying on a bed with her eldest child present then went on to tease him with the identity of his father. Really sad to see.
Nadya is egging on the paps with statements like “They’ll never get pictures of them, never!” Or the camera man asks…”Is the father here in California?” and Nadya shakes her head yes. Then he asks “What does the dad look like and Nadya points to her eldest and says “THAT!” It’s a really mean thing to do to a child that does not know it’s father.

She is cruel in the ways of emotional distress. They way she treats her mom is how she will treat her children. the whole thing is sad and I feel really sorry for Nadya’s mother.

March 26, 2009 at 12:17 am
(3) Barb says:

I was very critical of Nadya Suleman at first, but I have now changed my mind. She is doing the videos with Radar online as a means of getting money to support her children. Since she has no other means, I do not begrudge her that. It’s much better than a reality show and it takes minimal time.

As far as firing Angel in Wings, I fully support Nadya. What mother with newborn infants wants a critical, hostile, and “waiting to see you fail” person in their home watching their every move? Every mother, especially one with multiples or premature babies, needs people who are supportive. Critical people will make it hard for any mother to have the necessary self-confidence. If I knew someone had reported me to authorities because they questioned my parenting skills, it would make me highly nervous and fearful. Even though I’m fully capable, I would feel like a klutz and probably not even be able to change a diaper.

Allred’s whole basis for making the original claim to the Child Protective Services was based on the statement Nadya’s mother made that Nadya wasn’t capable of taking care of 14 kids. That’s not real strong evidence. Other mothers of quads have reported that they could not have taken care of their kids without help from family and friends. Based on Allred’s logic, those mothers should also be reported as being incapable.

And why should Child Protective Services expect Nadya to put aside anything unless her kids were in danger? It seems to me it should be Angels in Waiting and Allred who should put aside their own personal biases and values and let Nadya mother as she sees fit unless her kids were in danger. I don’t support Nadya’s family planning, but I do not see any evidence based on what is being reported that supports the argument that Nadya as a mother should raise and take care of her children based on AIW’s values and not her own maternal instincts and values.

March 26, 2009 at 11:05 am
(4) michelle says:

Being a parent of a child with Autism , I am appalled at nayda, and her family by the lack of long erm care for all of thoes children. As a single parent I worry about who will take care of my child if something should happen to me. Has anyone in that household thought of that??????? Did nayda think at all about any of thoes childrens future and what and who will take care of them. I have had to fight to get any help for my child–yet her -she chose to bring all thoes babies into this world and gets help immediately for them!!!! I had to fight tooth and nail to get any help. yet she is geven help right away. How many parents are appalled at that — HAVING TO FIGHT SOMETIMES FOR YEARS FOR ANY HELP WITH THEIR SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD AND HERE NAYDA GETS EVERYTHING GIVEN TO HER RIGHT AWAY????????????????????

March 26, 2009 at 12:55 pm
(5) Debbie says:

Realistically no single person is capable of caring for that many children. Who would send their kids to a daycare that had a ratio of 14 to 1? I think she should consider doing the unselfish thing and placing some of these kids into open adoption. Even though I think what she did was grossly irresponsible–she does seem to be genuinely maternal. If she hasn’t already–I think she’s going to get to a point where she realizes that she just can’t do it alone and that she’s jeopardized the future of these kids.

March 26, 2009 at 2:53 pm
(6) louise m says:

Boy I just got a flashback to the little mermaid, does anyone remember “Ursala” the big purple octopus in this show? After watching Nadya in the interview(if she had been in a purple tutu and tights) of her laying on the bed and talking about the sperm donor and her not getting along with her mother, and pursing those big lips and being pouty, pouty, I really believe she had better think seriously about the porn industry, that’s where she belongs.Maybe in a new series with a test tube?? The shirts she wears and the way she is always pulling her sweaters back and looking down to make sure everything shows, (why isn’t she pumping her own milk instead of depending on donations?) She doesn’t have time. She might miss out on an interview!! I’m sure that the nurses she has hired will get fed up and make an exit also if they have to do all the work and she does all the playing.But she does have a lot of fan mail to read and interviews to prepare for. Now she is installing a jacuzzi?? Boy I sure could use some relaxation when I come home from work, but gee no one sends money to my non-profit org..Who will keep the kids safe from her new toy or is this something she can use when this gets too much for her and she can’t get them all in a car headed for a lake. Somebody had better monitor this sick situation!!!!!!Im sure the police have better things to do than make sure she gets to the store and to all the Dr. visits she will have to make. The new profession would at least make her self-suffient so she could hire body guards and keep the kids safe because one of them could come up missing in that invironment very quickly with all of those people in and out all the time. Remember if all of us (one million) sends at least one dollar she can continue to buy her new toys and enjoy her newfound fame. Kid’s what kids, I never hear anything about what she wants to do for them or how they are eating or if they enjoy their bathes, which ones coo and which ones laugh, what their personalities are???? She loves them for what they can do for her!!!!Keep sending, maybe we can get her to billionaire status. She should be made to take care of those babies that she wanted so bad and not just let nannies do it. She is no star, she wanted babies, get it?????

March 30, 2009 at 8:33 pm
(7) Bonespur says:

Personally, I think that Nadya is in this for the media attention. While some here may thing that Dr. Phil is a part of the problem, he made it VERY clear that if you throw the mother under the bus, you throw 14 kids under the bus with her. And he’s right.

When I watched her on his show, she appears quite articulate in the sense that she seems very aware (as to her demeanor and the way she answers questions)that she understands the enormity of this situation. What I came away with was “When I go back to school next year . . .” Are you kidding me??? She has to be a mother right now, and NOT a student. It was all about HER.

What was most frightening to me is that Nadya had NO PLAN all during her pregnancy as to how she was going to care for all these babies. It was a horrible, irresponsible decision that SHE and HER DOCTOR made. And like Dr. Phil said, regardless of how irresponsible the decisions were, there are now 14 kids that need to be taken care of.

These kids will NEVER have all the love and attention that they deserve from this wing-nut of a woman.

And she wants to be a therapist? Oh, Pul-eeze.

March 31, 2009 at 9:06 am
(8) Jane says:

I feel sorry for her for many reasons. She made immature decisions re: having children- I think one day she will realize it and be very ashamed. It would be hard to not be defensive with the whole world judging your poor judgement. I can imagine it would be hard to have all those people trying to help with the babies- she has had to manage all those babies and the caregivers- not easy. I feel like we are watching a person in the slow, painful process of losing her children because she is unable to see what her actions are doing. Maybe it will be the only way she can give them up- by having them taken.

April 10, 2009 at 1:05 am
(9) hal0smom says:

I think Nadya is crazy. But Dr. Phil is right, there are 14 children to think about now. From the sounds of it, she wasn’t taking care of the first 6, her mother was. When did she work last? Pay rent? Pay daycare? A sane woman with no job and 6 children knows and understands that no matter how much you love children, you can’t care for them proprly. And some with special needs. My boyfriend and I have 6 kids between us, there are 3 parents involved and 3 incomes to take care of them. We don’t get welfare and we don’t own a home. Even if she was superwoman she couldn’t do it herself. She had no intentions of doing it herself. She planned on getting help and money and media attention and freebies from “friends and family” She doesn’t deserve those children and has no respectable way to support them. Just extort them. Responsible people know that having 14 babies while having no job is not a fair decision for the children. If she loves children as much as she says she does, she wouldn’t have had them without means of caring for them on her own. And this pregnancy never would have happened. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. I feel sorry for those poor children and the grandparents who it seems wil be doing way more than they signed on for because they love thier grandchildren and will do what has to be done. Cause I think we all know she isn’t going to do it.

April 11, 2009 at 2:41 pm
(10) LaFaye says:

It is important that nadia has control of her home. The nurses seemed to be intent on being in charge when their job was to assist and teach. I listned to them on Dr Phil and they seemed as though their primary mission ws watch dog and I certainly understand the resentment from Nadia, yes she needs the help but their attitudes were overbearing. They should have played their position.I do not codone her lack of sensibility but they would have left my home with their attitudes.

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